Monday, July 27, 2009

Teaching? Me??

Okay - I have been approached (coerced, blackmailed) by my local bead store and asked to teach a simple RAW project. Moi? Teach? Seriously, girls - you want me to teach? Me? I'm called "The Bad Liz" for a reason, you know. Okay, I have been helping Marcia teach for several years (more than two is several, nicht wahr?) and I really enjoy it. It's helped me learn alot about teaching styles, my teaching capacity, patient but am I ready?

I have an idea for just a simple RAW bracelet and I am started to write instructions without looking at anyone else's on-line or printed samples, coming up with diagrams, ideas, etc. as that would be unethical. Diagrams in powerpoint, export them into Word and putting it all together. What a process. A very important learning experience for me, and it gives me newfound appreciation for all that the "Rock Star Bead Artists" do with their instructions.

I will never know if I am ready unless I try, right? What's the worse that can happen? They will fire me and I will have learned something about myself. Learning something about ones self might be a good idea.

I might have to drive out there after work one night and see if I can make it for a 6pm class .start.


Mary Timme said...

I can't see a single reason why you shouldn't teach. Two years of helping is enough for anyone. Go for it.

The Daily Mel said...

You'll be fine! If I lived near you, I would absolutely take a class from you. :)

Marcia DeCoster said...

You'll be wonderful. You have a helping nature that makes people comfortable and you certainly are good with raw. Have fun with it.

abeadlady said...

If I can teach, so can you Liz. Your work is wonderful and it only takes that first scarey step. Jump in and go for it.

coolmoon said...

I LOVE to teach, and for the most part, every student has walked away with a new experience, and a new passion. There WILL always be that one difficult student. That will be a part of the learning experience. I just taught spiral rope to 3 girls last week that have excitedly brought me their finished pieces - and purchased LOTS more beads from me to make more.
Have fun. Enjoy the experience. Make new friends. BEAD!

I LOVE YOU said...