Saturday, December 29, 2007

Korean Dragon will continue into the new year

Yes, I have continued to work on this piece.

I've been working on the green background and getting into some of the white.

I've also been working on a round robin project for the group, the "loomatics"

which are a study group from the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild.

Most of us are GLBG members, and a few friends. That's my gang of

beaders in the top photo!

I started with Sue's piece and it's ready to be handed off the the next person.

And I am way to early - I think that it moves on in February!!

And I have been working on another Urchin Lariat from Marcia Decoster's pattern.

I do love it, but need to find the last piece so I can finish it. I did take a couple of liberties

with the pattern, but as this is for me, I think it should be okay.

Friday, December 14, 2007

November dreams - Flowers!

What?? Flowers from Liz? My goodness, who are you and what have you done to her?
Liz is so not a flower person, and yet, she's beaded a November piece with
beautiful watermelon tourmaline and seed beads.
I love watermelon tourmaline and these beads used to live in a bracelet that I made
and didn't like.
I couldn't have them living in a bracelet that I didn't wear!
They needed sunshine, spirit and the right project.
November field of flowers brought to you by the Bad Liz.
(The real Liz will return next month, not that you will notice a difference)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wire Pendant and Holiday earrings.

I don't play with wire very much, but I wanted to play with this idea that was in my head. What do you think (especially Kat - who does wonderful wire work)?
I also made up some Christmas earrings for a friend and my step mother - just little things that I thought were cute.

Korean Dragon continues again

Do I really need to say much - I really like the progress that I have done so far. This could be my favorite piece, if I continue the way that I have.....