Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October Part Dieux!

In my excitement, I forgot to mention the release of Amy Katz new book, "Seed Bead Chic", in which I am an invited artist in the gallery (page 125, artist 7 in case you are looking).  This is a book with some great projects - very wearable pieces of art.

Also in October, we had a very beautiful hunters, harvest or blood moon - I was able to capture a couple of decent shots of it.  It was so cool to see this in the early morning sky.

And I spent some time getting the closet in my studio cleared out so that I could move in here.  I had boxes that I hadn't looked at in years!!  Out with it!!  Here is before:
 And then I worked, and worked, and worked and missed a chance to hang out at Stony Creek Bead and I worked and magic happened.  Here is after:

 I moved my bead storage drawers into the now empty closet (there is another stack of these to the left behind the door):
 I even had room to add the secretary that was my mom and dad's.  I don't know if they inherited it, or if they bought it.  I know that it's been in my family as long back as I can remember.  It looks really nice under the window.  Important papers?  Well, if you mean patterns and such, then yes, it has important papers in it.

Now I think that my October is more complete.  Who knows what November will bring?

Friday, October 24, 2014

October has been a good month!

I am happy and proud to announce that I have been selected to teach four classes at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee in June 2015.
Two of the pieces are repeats from last year - Tzarina and Princess Maya - along with two of my newer items - Kenilworth Castle and Jeanne d'Arc,

Kenilworth Catle is directly inspired by a necklace that I saw in the series "The Tudors" - and made with a vintage German  glass piece that is a beautiful ruby red with glass pearls.  I love it.  Also, below, is "Chain of Office" - inspired by the same series.  I would have submitted this piece to Bead & Button also, but I finished is about 2 weeks after the due date!  I will be teaching this at Stony Creek Beads in Ypsilanti in about 3 weeks.

This same week, I found out that Bead & Button magazine has a picture of my tiara on page 17 of the "Your Work" section (page 17) and on line at here.  I've known for sometime that this was going to be published, but I don't know for certain which issue.
Should I create a new tiara?  I have an idea in my mind, but should I?  I mean, how many did I need??

I spent last weekend in Northern Michigan working at a conference (this was the view out the window), 50 hours in 4 days!  Yikes.  But with what I have earned, I am able to hange out with my girlfriends in California for a week without feeling guilty about the money.  My goodness, I love these ladies - they help me stay grounded.

Yes, I am having a good month.