Friday, July 17, 2009

New Stuff

I have finished a couple of projects recently. The first being the Davida Bracelet by Amy Katz. Amy did a wonderful job of putting this kit together, the instructions were easy to read and understand and the finished project is stunning. Knowing me, I made one adaptation - I changed the pale green rivolis for an olivine rivoli that goes with more of my wardrobe. The bracelet is a spiraling herringbone. It's stunning. My other piece is this necklace - an adaptation of a Maria Rypan lariat. Actually and honestly, take the word "adaptation" out and insert "Liz can't read patterns" I was adding 6 beads instead of 5 and I really do like the way it works. Add a focal bead that I purchased at Stony Creek Beads in Ypsilanti (note to self - find artist name) and a new necklace was born.