Friday, March 26, 2010

African Record

Recently I won some really cool sequins from Judith at BeadLine - I love them. I started this record the other day and it's progressed really nicely. There are some cupped sequins that were pretty dirty in this bunch, but a little water and a q-tip - viola! Clean.

I won't have enough to fill the entire space, which is fine as I have a plan (you know, one of those things that comes to you with the lightbulb over the head? Yes, it was one of those moments). I am going to finish the rest of the record with size 11 seed beads in black, alternating rows of matte black and shiny black; like the grooves of a record. Brilliant if I must say so myself.

Judith - was this what you pictured when you selected me?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bead Journal Project - March 2010

It's a chilly and blustery March day - rain, wind and dreary. I sit here and watch the fountain grass out the window blowing back and forth and but I'm staying warm in my old man sweater and having fun beading. So I worked today on my March knob - painted with bright green nail polish and beaded with brown, lime and turquiose.
March is complete, being installed in a couple of minutes.
I like it.
It's a good day.