Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild - Quilt to honour Barb Davis

It's been a year in the making! The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild bead quilt to honour Barb Davis - long time guild member who lost her battle with breast cancer.
Isn't this wonderful!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Religious Icons Part 4 - Star of David

And here I have started #3 in my religious icon series. I am trying something just a little different, this is going to be a little bit more three dimensional - with the star in two pieces on top of the background. In fact, this will be the first time that I have started with a background. I usually do the main colors and then fill in the background, hoping that I don't get bored. The idea for doing the star in layers came from another beading blogger - The Lone Beader - I hope she doesn't mind. She does some wonderful pieces, very cool stuff.
The color of the star is yet to be determined, but with a pale blue and a dark blue background, I need to really make it POP.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ohm is Finished

I seriously need to get a life. Finished. The second piece of my religious icons.

Why did I choose to do icons that aren't main stream in American life? I work with many physicians around the world - Hindu, Sikh, Muslims, Christians, Jews - and I have learned that the world isn't just black and white. It's shades of everyone colour of every person who has touched my life over the years. Old boyfriends, lovers, friends, people I have met in my travels, pen pals from former years.

Perhaps it's my current belief that if one is truely not a hurtful person, if there is a reward - it will be bestowed on death. I believe that there is a God. But is it the only one? I don't know - and would never try and convince someone that there only one God. That's not my place on this planet.

I have at least 2 more icons planned in my series - a Star of David and a cross. Should I incorporate more icons into my series? If something was suggested, I might contemplate it.

I'm enjoying bead embroidery. I find it relaxing, almost meditative.