Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What am I working on?

Neuschwanstein Castle bead embroidery

Crystal Collage with pattern by Marcia Decoster (homework for Bead and Button)

Gail Crosman Moore felted bag (need to determine how it's going to hang or be carried)

Etruscan Necklace with pattern by Marcia Decoster (I'm swapping with a Loomatics friend)

Commission wire wrap piece for Heidi (she saw something that one of my coworkers wore and wants a similar piece)

Robin Atkins Bead Journal Project - working on 2008-9 ideas in my head (a most dangerous place to be)

Amerikas bead embroidery

Right Angle Weave brown starfish

Right Angle Weave wishbone

Frame options for Bead Journal Project 2007-8

Clean up and organize my bead zone. I really, really need to do this.

Need to mail tank top to Sherry (from the Beady Friends Cruise)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Check out Nicole Campanella's new book called "Flatwork; Beading Techniques from Old to New Elegance in Tradition" - I'll brag: I have 4 pieces in the inspirational gallery #4 and I am very exited as I received a copy of this book in the mail today!! Thank you Nicole for selecting some of my work to be in your new publication.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May Bead Journal Project

May's Bead Journal is in loving memory of Audrey Sunburn. Audrey was a generous and loving beader whose heart was as big as her smile. She made these little "cocoon babies" for a swap that our Buzzard (Bitchen Biker Turkey Buzzard Beadin' Babes) group was doing several years ago. I thought that she would love them in the piece. Also is a shell and a piece of coral - Audrey loved the sea and I though she would approve of these. I used a different fabric base this month - this is EazyFelt (sp) from the craft store. It comes in large sheets and some wonderful colours.

It wasn't my intention to do two months in a row as memorial pieces for Jim and Audrey, but life does things to us. I was going to use this piece for May. It's a sampler of different bead stitches that I have learned from a variety of places. Over the weekend, my good friend Joan and I were looking at the pieces and I told her that I wasn't going to be able to use this because it's now number 13. She just chuckled and said it's for me - it's your Baker's Dozen. Joan's last name is Baker.

So, the over achiever that I am - I have 13 pieces - my baker's dozen.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Audrey Sunburn

I received this email over the weekend:

"Hi, Those of you who already know, I am sorry for repeating the information. My name is Paula, I'm Audrey's daughter. I'm emailing you all to let you know, my mom passed away.
She passed on Friday May 2nd. They believe she had a heart attack, we had no idea this was coming. She wasn't ill. She was just having a terrible back ache. I know that she has many friends from her beading community, and she cared for you all very much. She had a gift, and enjoyed beading, knitting, and getting together with her beading buddy's. Please know that she spoke of you with affection. Thank you for being a friend to my mom, she was fortunate to have found soul mates in crafting."

I've been an on-line friend of Audrey's for years - we first connected on the forum "Bead Talk" We have met for the last several years at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. Above are several pictures from our meetings over the years (the third picture was taken by Bev Herman).
I will miss her.