Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Use the Muse" Contest

I am really excited to have been a part of the "Use the Muse" contest. It made me use colours and beads in a combination that I normally wouldn't try. My necklace was started, torn out, restarted and torn out again. The third try worked. I really am happy with the way that the daggers spread out on the ring; the crystals, pearls and bugles lay on the ring, and the subtle colours in the beads and Russian spiral necklace.

I completed my work, duely took pictures and sent them off to be judged. Within several hours, I received a phone call from Scarlett about my submission pictures. (Scarlett! Called me!! Actually called me. Someone from a magazine called me....)

Turns out that there were one or two kits that didn't include the muse.....I was one of the lucky ones. My assumption that the muse was the brass lock charm was incorrect. Scarlett and I talked for quite while - I did my best to assure her that I was okay with what happened. I wouldn't blast her on my blog or bad mouth her to anyone that would listen. Scarlett mailed me the "muse" to see if I could incorporate it into my design.

When I did receive the muse, I looked at it, turned it over, placed it on my necklace, moved it, debated and made my decision. I was happy with the way that my piece looked without the muse and decided that I wouldn't have a piece in this contest. My decision, my call.

I was thankful for the opportunity to "design" my own piece using items that I would never have picked up in a bead store. I learned that I can made something that I really like, love even with items chosen for me and it made me think outside that "box" that I am so comfortable in. As a result, I think that my artistic box is a little larger!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Round Robin Loomatics Project Finished!!

Mr. Moose left my home in January 2008 and returned in early 2009. I finished my portions of Magical Moose (non-gender specific) just this evening and proudly show it to the world.

Thank you to Deb, Sue, Sandy, Sharon, Diane, Jeanette, Kate, Linda and Madeline - this was an awesome year long project that I enjoyed working on. I hope all of the above, and Tamaya - who didn't get a chance to work on my piece - love their results the way that I love Magical Moose