Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bead Cruise 2011

This year's Bead Cruise was a week filled with wonderful!
Wonderful teachers: Tracy Stanley, Dallas Lovett, Marcia DeCoster and Jean Campbell.

Wonderful food: sushi, lobster, jerk chicken, red beans and rice.

Wonderful alcohol: Margaritas, a Long Island Ice Tea that was so strong that I couldn't finish it (me!!), margaritas, and another couple of margaritas. Wonderful people: Bev, Sharon, Linda, Susan, Deb, Rosanne, Rita, Sharon, Sharon and Sharon!

Wonderful itinerary: Cozumel, Mexico; Georgetown, Grand Cayman; and Falmouth, Jamaica.

And a wonderful sunburn that has finally stopped peeling off my body about 2.5 weeks after the sunburn (note to others: face moisturizer at 15 SPF + face make-up at 15 SPF + sunscreen at 4 SPF does not equal 34 SPF. Just trust me on this one).

I took a metal class from Tracy in which I made my first completely handmade copper necklace, using snips, jeweler's saw, hole punches, rivets and jump rings. It turned out so very cool - I am really happy with it. I do not believe that I will be throwing away all my seed beads to continue this forever, but now I do know how to do it. Marcia - don't worry. I still love RAW. Plus beads are lighter around the neck.

I (laughingly) signed up for a class with Marca - called "Bird of Paradise" which I finished over the weekend. It's so sweet and I do love it!

I then took an additional class with Dallas Lovett for "La Fiesta" earrings - I knew when I signed up for this class that I was going to gift these earrings to Marcia (just because I can). Of course, I had to wear them to tease her and take them out of my ears when she saw them. They look so stunning on her!

It's time for a Bead and Button countdown

It's getting closer and closer! Every year, I am very excited to go to the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee and this year I am even more excited. I will be co-teaching a class with the very fabulous and famous Marcia DeCoster. Our class is on Tuesday, June 7th and is a variation of her wonderful "Under the Mast" necklace.

One weekend last summer, Marcia and I were texting forth and back with ideas and thoughts and practice pieces (this works, this doesn't, that's bad) and we ended up with "Under the Mast II" - it's truely Marcia's piece with my spin on the thought of "maybe we should add more." And look! I even have an official teacher page! Me!

There is still room if you would like to take this class. Go to the Bead and Button website at

I'm very excited to have "instructor" status on a national level added to my resume. I love my teaching gig with Stony Creek Bead in Ypsilanti as Jenn and Sue are great to work with. But this is so cool!! I wonder what we can come up with for next year. Actually, we have a couple of ideas lurking in the back of our minds.