Monday, July 13, 2009

July Camping and another dog story

How many of you remember this Stinky Dog Story?

Guess who found a skunk again? One guess. Yup, Chloe.....

What we learned:
1. Tawas, Michigan is still in the wilds. It's not the city of Tawas.
2. Dogs don't remember what happened the last time they chased the black and white kitty.
3. Husbands don't remember what happened the last time they let Chloe out at night without a leash.
4. Chloe is on a leash before the doors open.
5. You don't get used to the smell of skunks.
6. Dawn dishwashing pads, vinegar and water douche, and baking soda do a damn good job of getting the stink out of the dog.

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1 comment:

Mary Timme said...

You are the second person hit by a skunk again! This year, I've heard of. What's with the dumb dog. Dogs like Choloe are supposed to be smart!