Saturday, September 25, 2010

My wildly exciting news....

It started with an idea in really late July. I was toying with the idea of dressing up Marcia's "Under the Mast" (which really didn't need dressing up because it is wonderfully elegant, but I don't follow direction well). I was playing with little 8mm rivolis that I purchased a year ago...hmmm.

Through a series of conversations, Marcia and I decided IF we could do this fast enough, we would propose it to the Bead and Button show and let's see if it's gets accepted. With last minute design changes and ideas with a flurry of emails between San Diego and Detroit (what did we do without the internet and cheap cell phone rates??), my Over the Mast was mailed to B&B with fingers crossed.

And what do you know? They liked it. I was still in a little shock - somewhat in a little denial. Me? Teaching at Bead and Button with Marcia. Of course, I have helped her in class for a number of years (telling her what to do, etc), helped out when I can, and shared a cocktail or two (not many, this is business...) I've taught in the metro Detroit area for a number of years - Henry Ford Community College Enrichment education classes, Bohemian Beads (now closed) in Dearborn and currently at Stony Creek Beads and Gallery in Ypsilanti, MI.

So when I received an email from Marcia yesterday telling me that I had to read the email from the B&B show today - I was floored. It was featured in the 9/24/10 upcoming classes. WHAT?? I squealed with delight (that's the only word that is appropriate - squealed). My co-workers thought that I saw a ...palmetto bug - but I quickly assured them that it was better than that - look!! My necklace and name on an email.

Thank you Marcia for an awesome opportunity! I know that we will have a blast working together as we have over the last years.

Four words: Thank you very much or Lobster Mac and Cheese!!