Monday, May 14, 2007

Colour Coordination!

It's funny how your beadwork will reflect in your clothes, or is it your clothes represent your beadwork. I have this cardigan - limes, blue and periwinkle - and have had it for years. But over the weekend, I thought that I didn't have any blue in my wardrobe, mostly greens. Until I remembered this sweater. So I go it out. I made a green crystal bracelet, and then decided to make the same kind of bracelet with small turquoise beads that I have had for years.

Since I have been making beaded beads (ala Marcia DeCoster) to learn the technique, I decided to make a couple using some blue beads that were given to us by one of the Bead Cruise sponsors (Heather, Bev - help me with the name of the company, I can't remember). I just added a few size 15's in lime green for pop. And I have had the earrings since last summer when I made them for the Bead and Button show.

And here's Liz - all colour coordinated - even down to the lime green in her eyeglasses. Sorry, no picture of me, not until I loose 20 pounds.


Denise said...

Aren't those little tennis bracelets the greatest? They work up quick and easy and are so pretty! I've mixed crystals and pearls with them and that is quite affective too. I hadn't thought of little stone nuggets - what a great idea!
Cheers, Denise

Mary Timme said...

I love those earrings! Way cool! I understand about the 20 lbs. and know just what you mean. We went out for supper for my birthday and I'm so stuffed! Cashew Shrimp! Yum-O!