Saturday, February 03, 2007

Star of David is introduced to Ganesha

I wish that this scan would show the colours a little better in this piece. The background is actually a pale blue and a midnight blue. The star is grey and hematite seed beads - or two shades of grey. The star is actually two pieces that have been woven together and sewn to the background of the curls. This piece is 7x8 inches. All I need is several more hours of beading and it should be finished. This is the most serious of the icons that I have worked on - and I don't know why I chose serious colours for it. The rich colors just seemed to work the best. I originally wanted to have a silver star, but after about 4 hours of work on part of the star - it just didn't look good, so out it all came.

My series of religious icons is growing. Last weekend, I was invited to a wedding of one of the doctors that completed his training in my program, Dr. Nikhil Goyal. As much as I would LOVE to go to his wedding - it's in India and way out of my budget. I took the icon that was on his invitation - Ganesha. I just learned the following about Ganesha: "By ancient tradition, the elephant-headed god, GANESHA , is always worshipped first in every ritual or festival. Ganesha has a pot belly, is short and is usually portrayed in a sitting position with one leg folded and the other touching the ground. Around his waist, there is a hooded snake. In his four hands, he carries a noose (human bondage to desires); an axe (destruction of all evil); a modak or sweet (joy) and a lotus (human evolution). His trunk, usually turned to the left, represents OM, the origin of the cosmic universe. Ganesha is the lord of all learning, the arts and of finer skills."

Obviously my Ganesha is a different model, because my Ganesha doesn't have a snake or axe or a noose. His trunk turns to the right. Sunil (another doctor) told me that Ganesha travels on the back of a mouse, which is why there is a little mouse in the picture. The bindi will be a red crystal and the necklace with the smaller red crystals as I was told that they are very important.

P.S. Here is a great view of Ganesha on his mouse -


The Lone Beader said...

Wow, Liz! That came out really cool! How long do you think it took you to make??

The bad Liz said...

Thanks LB - it took about 90-110 hours. Especially when I took part of the star out and started over. The star is elevated over the background - but some of the curves connect it back together. It turned out better than I thought it was going to!

Mary Timme said...

I think this is a spectacular piece Liz! I'm so glad to find you again and look at your work. It is way cool and neat. Yummy for the eyes!

beadexplorer said...

I love the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Ganesha hangs on the wall next to my PC and in the living room with his parents Parvati and Shiva. I am very excited that you plan to bead Ganesha!!!
And of course, the star is great, too! But I am a little bit biased and can't wait to see Ganesha! ;)