Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ganesha - gets crowned!

Ganesha is a happier Deity today! He was crowned yesterday and today he feel like a shining star! I used a gold plated daisy spacers to add lots of texture and richness to his crown. Now I just have the background to complete in the silver lined gold beads. I am using these again for a couple of reasons:
  • I like the richness of the beads.
  • I like the way that they appear different colours when light hits them.
  • I purchased 1/4 kilo of them when I was scheduled to teach a class and I was making kits. The class was cancelled and I have 1/4 kilo of these beads.
Looking ahead to my next projects, I am thinking of a picture of Casie - my dog on some rocks - put together very similar to projects ala "The Lone Beader" with layering, etc. I do have to get more colours of 15's to complete the dog - so that will wait for a while.

I am also working on my largest flat bead embroidery piece - It's going to be called (at least for now) "North American meets South America" and it's 8 inches high by 17 inches wide. I know, I know - I really need to get a life!!!


The Lone Beader said...

Your new piece will be so beautiful. You know I love animals, so I can't wait to see the progress!

Mary Timme said...

The size is just making me reel across the room. Hard to reach the keyboard that way. You know I love moose in anything. This is going to be so good. I love your doggies too.

Anne said...

That's one sparkly crown! Love it!

beadexplorer said...

He is so cute!!!

No Easy Beads said...

I love the colors in Ganesha. This is my favorite one of the icons. 31 days to cruise time.

Robin said...

Wow X 3!!!! Wow #1: Ganesha... what can I say. He is jolly, round, profound, adorable. Good idea to use the daisy spacers. I'd like a picture of him for my files! Wow #2: Cassie ala LoneBeader will be fabulous - already has personality, just by the tilt of the head and ears! Wow #3: What a cool idea to juxtapose a moose with a llama. I love it!

The bad Liz said...

Thanks everyone - Casie is our elegant dog and her sister Molly is the roly-poly dog. I hope that I can carry off her elegance in beadwork.

Robin - I'll email Ganesha upon completion for you.

Bev - now it's 29 days!! Can't wait for the cruise!

Anne - the crown turned out just as I hoped: rich, regal and sparkly!

Mary - the moose theme just won't escape me. Every time that I think I am finished with them another idea comes up.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to leave a comment. They are truely treasures!