Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ganesh continues to evolve!

Ganesha and Mooshika have more colour than before! I am going to remove the feet and do them again - I do not care for the way that they have turned out (especially now that I have finished his hand). I know that I can do better. The garnet necklace lays better since I have gone through it a second and third time. I just have the finishing of the head, the circle behind it and to decide what the complete background will be.

Ganesha is coming along nicely!!


No Easy Beads said...

Liz, Ganesh is coming along wonderfully. The hand looks great. The shading is perfect.
I love watching this peice work toward completion.

The bad Liz said...

Thanks Bev - it's been fun. One of my doc's is also following the progress!

Mary Timme said...


I so love the back pad on the mouse. You are really Whipping along, lady!