Thursday, February 12, 2009

Use the Muse....

....Since Dad is holding his own and I have wrapped my head around that whole situation that I can't control (why, why can't I run the entire world the way that I want??), I thought that I would post about something else that I love - those little bits of glass with holes in the middle.

I joined the "Use the Muse" contest and just put the finishing touches on my piece. It really came together better than I thought it would. I actually enjoyed this because it really made me think about beads that I didn't choose and how I should put them together. I added some from my own stash and I learned a new stitch, so I am happy with the piece as it came together. It was worth joining even if I don't win, but with so many talented beaders out there - it will be thrilling to see what everyone comes up with. Now to take some decent pictures.

Dad is stable - he's receiving great care in Southern Texas, and thank you to everyone who left a comment or emailed me. I'm hanging in there, at peace with my decisions and able to talk semi-intelligently with anyone about this now. Whew!


abeadlady said...

So glad your Dad is stable now.
I, too, joined in the Use the Muse contest. Haven't finished yet, but like you, I like to push myself to try something new once in a while.


Robin said...

Glad to hear your Dad is stable... keep us posted on how he's doing. Isn't beading a wonderful way to shake the worries for a while? Will you be posting a picture of your piece? Robin A.