Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bead Daze 2009

Dallas Lovett helping students in his Etruscan Bracelet class.

I've spent the several days voluntering for the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild at our annual Bead Daze - four daze of great instructors and classes! I have the opportunity to work with Dallas Lovett and take one of his classes. I haven't done much wire work, but the class that I took was stunning. I'll post a picture when I am done. Today was the last day of classes, and a day of about 4 inches of fresh snow for the instructors to play in....This is bead artists on Michigan coke - er snow.....

Jeanette Cook take aim.....

Kate McKinnon preparing to win the snowball fight....but notice Jeanette on the left packing a good one!

...And those of us from Michigan just do what we normally with it....

Thanks to the GLBG for a great session.

Thanks to the instructors:

Dallas Lovett, Barb Switzer, Jeanette Cook, Gail Crosman Moore, and Kate McKinnon

for a great four days!


Carol said...

Well, you had it all. Good company, good attitude and good beading. You are so lucky to have a group of beaders to gather with. Yep, you got it right about the snow, complain all you want, but deal with it or move. Where you gonna go? To the tornados, mudslides or hurricanes?

Carol in snowy Northern Indiana

Mary Timme said...

Looks like great fun. You guys are getting all of our snow it seems like!