Friday, August 08, 2008

Dogs in the Tub

In an email to my buzzard friends, I mentioned a story about my dog Molly in the bathtub. Bead artist Bev Herman directed me to her blog at No Easy Beads where there is a story about her dog and the bathtub.

My dog story (yes, another one): Al's working midnights this week. He got home from work on Tuesday and only two dogs met him barking and happy at the door. His first impression was that "Liz locked her in the bedroom" - nope no dog in the bedroom.

He hears a small bark - and finds Molly in the...............bathtub. Where she obviously was in there for hours - sometime between 6:30 when I left for work and 12:30 when he got home, Molly jumped in the tub - she loves to lick the water off the surface. And then she couldn't get out.

Alan said she looked so pitiful.

That was on Tuesday. Tonight Alan and I went out to dinner tonight. We came home to: At least Chloe was keeping her company. Thanks for the chuckle Bev! Dogs will be dogs.

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No Easy Beads said...

Our Buzzard pups babes have a fetish for the bath tubs!!
It is pretty scary when you can't find them.