Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August Beadwork

While I was camping, I did find time to work on a couple of projects.

The first is an ID badge holder for my bead society. Maybe I'll actually remember to wear my tag so that the guild members know who I am. That is, assuming that they want to know who I am. Funny, some people may not want to know. But that could just be the voices in my head.

Then I worked on a heart for Jeanette Shanigan's bead quilts for breast cancer that are auctioned off every year at the Bead and Button show. I'm happy with the way that this worked this year. Jeanette wouldn't know what to expect if I didn't put a moose in the square - so it's in there, with the required heart. Imagine Jeanette's surprise when she sees that I actually followed the instructions this year - without veering too far outside the box!

1 comment:

freebird said...

Lol, "followed directions this year...without veering too far outside the box! Yep, sounds like you almost followed directions or did I get it wrong? But, isn't that what truly creative people do? A tweak here, and another here?