Monday, April 09, 2007

For the beaders at Bead Art!

Dulcey, Lora, Rockfish, Jan, Judi, et al! Hmmm, I didn't know that you were hanging around my blog! I don't read the forum as often as I should - I know, bad Liz! Here is a photo that I am going to put in bead embroidery one of these days; it was taken in a temple in Korea when I visited in 1999. I'll try and catch up tonight with my blog to add in some pictures from the recent cruise.

I've started working on the Amerika's - North meets South - I have worked on the black lines all weekend long. Well, in between episodes of Dark Shadows....which are very scarey, not.

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Dulcey said...

I do read it, and I hope through my Bead Art post that others read you too! btw, like the new Ganesha feet. :)