Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Casie on the Rocks - started

I know, I know. I was working on the Moose and the Alpaca - the Amerika's. But right now, I can't get into it.

So it's time to work on something else, which is Casie on the Rocks. Casie is my 9 pound toy fox terrier who I adopted when she was about 3 years old. Now she's 11 and beginning to slow down (which scares me to pieces). Casie sleeps by my hip almost every night, she's afraid of thunder, lightening freaks her out. She doesn't like firecrackers, cars that backfire, loud sudden noises like Alan yelling at the officials during a football (either American or European).

This picture was taken many years ago while we were on the north shore of Lake Superior, in Ontario, Canada. It's so beautiful up there - just wonderful!

I started with one piece of pellon (thank you Annie, for what seems to be my endless supply) and have added layers on it. Tree, rocks, Casie, her face, will be different layers. I started beading about April 18th and have gotten this far. The tree actually is thicker, plus using a variety of sizes (8s, 11s, and 10's) in multiple colours of brown have given the it great texture. On top of the greenery on the right, I am going to have small beaded leaves attached to the top to give it a real woodsy feel.


Denise said...

Wow! Awesome! I like the idea of it being so dimensional! What a great idea.
We went around Superior last summer, and it is so amazing up there! the kids couldn't believe how big Ontario is! They thought we would never get through it!
I hope your little puppy has many more months and years with you!
Cheers, Denise

Beadin' Gram said...

Terrific, Liz.
I'll have a great time following your progress with this piece.

Mary Timme said...

I think this is going to be a terrific piece. You've gotten a wonderful feel to the tree trunk and a feel of 'deep forest' with the different colors in the background. Nice, nice piece

Robin said...

Hi Liz... I just returned to your blog to see if you've made more progress on Casie. I'll keep checking... it will be a fabulous piece!

I know you're busy, but think you might want to consider one other beady thing... You seem to be a natural for The Bead Journal Project... I hope you'll have time to participate!