Sunday, August 26, 2012

Memories of Istanbul - the traveling bracelet saga continues

...While I have heard about the traveling bracelet on Facebook, and peeked into the blog to see what was going on, I didn't believe that I would be fortunate to become part of this fun story.  Several months ago, Dot Llewelyn (Speedy Beader) and I made plans to take classes at 1 Stop Beads in Columbus, Ohio when we knew that Marcia DeCoster would be there - what fun!  Sadly, I had done both the projects that were being taught - what's the sense of me signing up again!  (not independently wealthy).  I decided to let Marcia know what we were planning and what she thought.  Ends up that I assisted Marcia for the class days and hung out with Dot at the same time.  What a winning solution.

Marcia and I perform a handoff of the bracelet
Marcia was in receipt of the Memories of Istanbul bracelet and asked me if I wanted to be part of the journey that this bracelet would take - and we could do a hand-off, instead of mailing while I was in Ohio!!

The bracelet was with me while I tried my first beer in a Greek restaurant in Columbus.

At the border learning about Michigan and how it becme a state

 So the bracelet is now in my possession and I promise - no crack houses while in Detroit.


Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Have fun with it!!!!

The bad Liz said...

I will have fun with it. Looking to see where I can find a "welcome to Detroit" sign. I might just have to drive around with my husband this weekend.