Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Bead and Button Show

Very late in my update of the show - and it was a really nice show this year. I don't know why I felt that it was so relaxing (more than other years), when actually I didn't have lots of time to visit with friends that I had just met in March (which was a bummer). But I came home relaxed, energized and ready!   The above picture is my traditional "stash" picture showing my purchases for the trip.  I did really well this year, stayed within budget!

Amy Blevins and I cut up in the Miller Time Pub! 
And here, Martina and I share a quiet moment with a sneaky Marcia peeking in behind us!

 Marcia kicked me out of class one day as all the beaders were doing an amazing job and she didn't need me (sob!).  So to bury my sorrows, Sue and I went to "Rudy's Mexican" by the river in Milwaukee.  Yum!  And a $5.00 Margarita!  Love.  It.

 I don't think that Amy Blevins and I will be allowed to be together without a chaperone again.  We managed to act like fools to get a photo of our celebrity sighting of Amy Winehouse (RIP).  But it was great fun, lots of giggling and behaving as if we hadn't grown up.  Wait.  Maybe I haven't.

 Marcia and I at the very popular Toho party - what a really nice gathering of some of the finest seed bead artists in the country.  Yes, that was a little pink in my hair as I "channel my inner Marcia"!

   Sabine Lippert tells me a little secret about something that was pretty funny at the time!  (Perhaps she was correcting my pretty bad German with my funny accent)

Marcia does a demo for Toho Beads at their booth on the last day of the show.  She looks awesome in her red tunic, I think!

And Tracy and I hug goodbye!  Such a sad thing to say when I know I won't see her for a year (unless I up and move to Seattle).

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