Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday - clean the studio day.

My desk is a mess. A big old messy mess. And I was confusing myself. What did I need to do? Supposed to do? What was I working on? Should I have finished that piece (what piece? Where did I put it?) before starting another piece?

STOP! Liz, you are driving me crazy! And although it's not a long trip, it's time that I cleaned it up. It's insanity to have a counter that's 5 feet long and bead in a 8x10inch square.

Thursday, I emptied two boxes from work and schlepped them home. On Friday, I have a day off work. No appointments, nothing to do until the late afternoon. I'll get up as if I was going to work, dressed and make coffee....and get started. Three categories:

  • Keep

  • Donate

  • Toss

Questions for myself:

  • Do I need to keep those patterns that I had bought when I first started beading? Will I ever do any of those again?

  • The ultra suede petal/tulip bag? Will I ever make another? Will I ever wear the ones that I do have?

  • Patterns printed on the internet from the mid-late 90's and never made? Will I ever make it if I haven't by now? Toss?

  • Interesting beads that some of the doctors have brought me from overseas during the last 10 years and I have never done anything with? Will I ever? Do I want to keep them even though my space is limited?

  • Dorky patterns that I did myself and never did anything with. Save because one day they might be worth money? Toss because even I never beaded them?
Stay tuned to before and after pictures...

Monday, August 09, 2010


There is a great movie (at least in my eyes) out there called "Indiscreet" starring Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant - both not young lovers, but still very much in love. She believes that he is married and he lets her believe this and both are very happy....until...

I'm not going to be a plot wrecker in case you decide to rent this movie - it's just a wonderful love story. In this movie, Deborah Kerr wears a necklace very similar to my version here. This necklace is made with 18mm vintage Swarovski aquamarine rivolis - a full dozen of them. I bezeled them (is bezeled a word?) using RAW the way that I learned from my friend, Marcia Decoster taught me.

I give to you - "Indiscreet"

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Aquamarine Crystals

Back in April 2010, I posted "Another Teaser" about a necklace that I was attempting. It's based on a movie that I was watching and so pretty. This is how it started:
My previous version picture was posted, and I was liking what it was doing to a degree. But by the time I had 8 crystals put together - I didn't care for it. I wanted it to curve, and it wasn't curving enough. I took apart at B&B and started putting it back together again. Now I have a piece that is curving better and should lay the way that I want it to. Whew - that was a PITA (pain in the, abdomen)!
When I look at the piece, I didn't notice that the thread shows through on the front of the rivoli. I might have to add another bead to the last row on the top. Yes, of course, it's still RAW (you knew the answer to that...)
I now have the crystals put together and I am working on the back of the necklace. I knew that I shouldn't have sold some of these crystals until I had a clear idea of what I was going to do. But, it still will be wonderful!