Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday - clean the studio day.

My desk is a mess. A big old messy mess. And I was confusing myself. What did I need to do? Supposed to do? What was I working on? Should I have finished that piece (what piece? Where did I put it?) before starting another piece?

STOP! Liz, you are driving me crazy! And although it's not a long trip, it's time that I cleaned it up. It's insanity to have a counter that's 5 feet long and bead in a 8x10inch square.

Thursday, I emptied two boxes from work and schlepped them home. On Friday, I have a day off work. No appointments, nothing to do until the late afternoon. I'll get up as if I was going to work, dressed and make coffee....and get started. Three categories:

  • Keep

  • Donate

  • Toss

Questions for myself:

  • Do I need to keep those patterns that I had bought when I first started beading? Will I ever do any of those again?

  • The ultra suede petal/tulip bag? Will I ever make another? Will I ever wear the ones that I do have?

  • Patterns printed on the internet from the mid-late 90's and never made? Will I ever make it if I haven't by now? Toss?

  • Interesting beads that some of the doctors have brought me from overseas during the last 10 years and I have never done anything with? Will I ever? Do I want to keep them even though my space is limited?

  • Dorky patterns that I did myself and never did anything with. Save because one day they might be worth money? Toss because even I never beaded them?
Stay tuned to before and after pictures...


Judith said...

...must be something in the air. Is a waning full moon a beader's signal to clean? Interesting gifted beads get strung and hung up on my bulletin board - just nice to look at. Course I put up bulletin board all behind my desk, painted same color as the walls.

abeadlady said...

I think I will use your inspiration to clean off my own desk. Barely have room for my mouse. Don't bead there, thank goodness.


Kat BM said...

I can't create if my table/room reaches a certain level of, well, ick. of course I have a whole 2x4 table that is more or less stuff I need to put away but haven't, but at least it's off my desk! LOL

BlueMesa said...

Studio? Oh you mean that nice room up front--where I had the closet converted and fixed for my wheelchair and bins for my beading stuff. Now that’s just my housekeeper’s idea of where to put junk. I bead in my adjustable king-size bed, alongside my pill bags, bead bags, bins and sweet doggie. I also have 3 rolling plastic carts. When a bead slips, I just let it go. When I get up I can make a beadsoup out of what has ended up under me. I was so relieved to hear you guys talking about your mess. I feel better now. Thanks, Carol

Ann said...

hahha!!! I have one of those ultra suede tulip bags 1/4 done in a baggie ..think it has been there since Bevvie came to BB ages ago!