Friday, June 18, 2010

Bead and Button Show Report 2010

Better late than never, here is my thoughts on the B&B Show this year (last years report is here and 2008 is here). I love coming to this show. This year, I drove with my friend Joanne, and two new friends Tricia and Rana (sp?) through Chicago (that took 2 hours!! Two hours?! Why didn't I take the train? Oh, yes, fun with the girls - that's why. But seriously - two hours? Don't you people in Chicago work? Or take the subway, etc??).

But that's negative thoughts and I don't want to be negative! Once I got to Milwaukee, and unloaded my wares into the hotel room, I started my search for my buddies: Marcia, Janice, Tracy and found them right where I knew that they wouldn't disappoint me! It was a fun evening with laughs, giggles and almost musical chairs as we were joined by Dallas Lovett and his trusty side-kick, Sam Mayo. What a wonderful welcome to Milwaukee!

My duties in Milwaukee are so easy: I do my best to make Marcia shine as she teaches for 4 full days. Her classes are full of so many nice, interesting and fun students that it's something that I really love to help with. It also helps me with my teaching skills and learning how to help students better. How can I miss with the great projects that she has to help with?
I thought that the show floor wasn't as crowded as in some years past, but it was far from empty. Just look at all these vendors! Many booths had lines around them with happy customers parting with their cash...that's a good thing.

My stash this year is different than it has been in some years. A couple of kits - Marcia's (of course) and Jill Wiseman's "Night at the Opera" bracelet, along with a few crystals. Just a few mind you. The hat was in the B&B bag (and I will never wear it), a Toho mug, some samples that I was lucky enough to get handed as I walked through the show floor. What am I going to do with all these crystals? I don't exactly know, but I know that Lafaye from Virginia was happy to see me (multiple times)...

How's this for a find? The long crystals were $7.00 a piece and I splurged on them. The rest of the crystals in this picture cost me ....$5.00! They were in a grab bag at the John Allen booth (and I bought 5 grab bags) and they are stunning. There are a few scratch and dents, but for the most part are pieces that I can use in bead embroidery or capturing with a bezel.

To close out this story, here is a picture of my good friends during out last dinner in Milwaukee (liberated the picture from Marcia's blog, thank you very much): Tracy Stanley, Marcia DeCoster, Jeannette Cook, Janice Berkebile, and me! Even better is that I will be on a bead cruise with Tracy and Marcia next March (see my previous post about this). I have even signed up for Tracy class so that I can play with hammers - does that mean that I am going to the dark side?And I am looking forward to next year's show already!!


Marcia DeCoster said...

No! no the's ok for a trial, but I know you'll never lead the seeds and crystal....right?

Kat BM said...

hammers the dark side, why, no, er hm, how you could you EVEN think that???? I want those wicked kewl triangle crystals... damn those are fab! Just think copper washers all nice and textured (hammers!) w/ those lusious crystals hanging down in front... yummy!!!!! drooolin' here on the keyboard! I miss going to B & B, and it's not just crystals and tools ... I miss my buds!