Monday, June 09, 2008

Bead and Button Show Report

I arrived on Wednesday for the Bead and Button Show, via Northwest - decent short flight. I was able to turn in frequent flyer miles, which is really cool for me. After checking into the Hilton and letting Marcia know that I was in town and alive, I started meandering through the Midwest Center and ran into Rachel Nelson-Smith. I was heading to lunch at Subway and offered to get her lunch before I wandered to the open beading area of the Hyatt. Luckily she wanted sustenance, and I took food to her room and received a preview of a new bracelet called "H. Liliripes Cuff" - very cool looking in person and on her web page. I am in awe of her talent; loving her Bhangra Fusion bracelet and the Sea Star Bangle especially. She is a very sweet young talented woman....(did I flatter enough??). Thanks again, Rachel - and you didn't have to.

On Wednesday night it was the "Meet the Teachers" reception. When Dallas Lovett was in Detroit in February, we made arrangements that I would help him during this reception. Working with him and his assistant Glenn was alot of fun and I met many, many interesting beaders that night. The pieces that caught my eye were Phoenix Rising, and his new piece the Venetian Bracelet. Can you say awesome?? Thank you again, Dallas and Glenn, for the pleasure of working with you and for my wonderful gift - I will wear it and think of you!

Thursday, I worked through about 1pm, then met Marie - who I know from the Bead Cruises that I have been on. Marie, from the twin cites, and I relaxed with some beading, shopped a little, had Thai for dinner and shopped some more. I am so glad that I had the chance to get to know each other a little better. We were even mistaken for mother and daughter by a woman who took our picture! Thanks for a great afternoon and evening!

I love working with Marcia (I'd say that even if she didn't read my blog to see what trouble I am getting into) - I learn alot about teaching beading, working with students, I can see my strengths and my weaknesses (which I need to work on). I will say that we had an awesome group of students on both days which really helps with my responsibilities.

Enough gushing - here's what I came home with:
  • Strand of coral
  • 3 strands of pearls
  • 4 packs of seed beads that were 1/2 off
  • 35 rivolis that were scratch and dents for $1 a piece. Once they are bezeled, no one will know.
  • 4 strands of a strange shaped Chinese crystal that I love
  • Spool of the new Beadalon thread called "WildFire" - gee, I wonder who they are competing with?
  • Lots of 5301 bicones!
  • Add-a-bead wine stopper
  • Sample of the Toho beads
  • David Christensen glass
  • Dallas Lovett earring kit (he said that I could do it)
  • 12 blue and cream lampwork beads
  • Soft Touch samples
  • Big honking crystal for my desk
  • New Miyuki sample colours
  • Rachel Nelson bracelet kit
  • Marcia Decoster kit
  • 2 tubes of seed beads
  • 2 tubes of 1.5mm cube beads
  • Rivoli ring kit
For those who know me - it's not a lot!!!


abeadlady said...

I was tickled to see you worked with Marcia. Is she not a riot? She's taught twice at our LBS in CA and we all have such a good time.
Looks like you brought home plenty of goodies.


Linda at BeadStyle, Bead&Button, and Art Jewelry magazines said...

Sounds like you had a blast at the show and what a great list of purchases!!! I had a chance to meet Marcia at the show this year and she was so wonderful. And my very first wirework class was with Dallas Lovett--I learned SO much.

Hope you can make the Bead & Button show again next year! The dates are May 31 through June 7; the show floor will be open June 5-7. Online class registration opens January 13. Visit to register for show news updates.

Warmest regards,
Linda Augsburg

Lil said...

Thanks for visiting my blog again! =) It is great hearing from you again. =) Happy Beading!

Any Smith said...

Bad Liz - You've been tagged!

Mary Timme said...

Oh, what fun! I love the clamor and just pure exhaustion of the pleasure center that bead shows and classes bring. Thanks for having such a good time for me!

The Lone Beader said...

That doesn't sound like alot of beads! LOL.