Friday, March 06, 2009

Round Robin Loomatics Project Finished!!

Mr. Moose left my home in January 2008 and returned in early 2009. I finished my portions of Magical Moose (non-gender specific) just this evening and proudly show it to the world.

Thank you to Deb, Sue, Sandy, Sharon, Diane, Jeanette, Kate, Linda and Madeline - this was an awesome year long project that I enjoyed working on. I hope all of the above, and Tamaya - who didn't get a chance to work on my piece - love their results the way that I love Magical Moose


Denise said...

This moose has attitude! I love it! It's a great piece, and suits your beading!
Cheers, Denise

Deann said...

Dudette that is totallt awsome! I love it.

coolmoon said...

Imagine my surprise when I found this blog and PHOTO! Hey, you guys! I'm a member of the Guild!
This is Sheryl - Cool Moon Creations from Lansing! Haven't been there since last summer - hope to have time and cash for a class soon. I'll be following this blog for sure, so I can keep up!
Happy Beading!

Kiwi Ellen said...

What a handsome moose you have here Liz & what wonderful memories he will evoke in time to come..

freebird said...

And what a super piece of beadwork your round-robin produced. I love it. It's so "alive".