Saturday, December 20, 2008

Detroit's Big Snow...

December 19, 2008. I could post the pretty pictures of my back yard, but I thought this one of the ruler in the snow (measuring 8.75 inches) and Chloe watching me, was all that was needed. Detroit gets snow, but 3 inches, 2 inches, maybe 4. We don't get a lot at one time.

This was a lot of snow for us. My 20 minute commute took 50, and when I drove one of my doctors to the airport, my 25 minute drive to the airport took an hour. But we got there safe, and actually faster than we thought.


Melissa M. said...

What a GREAT picture! I chatted with Nick last night and he said there were spots in his driveway where it was over a foot deep. Crazy!!

Mary Timme said...

The mountains southwest of here have been getting it by the feet too, and have had about 6 feet in the last two weeks. Yikes!

Detroit snow lasts so very long too! Travel right now is not a fun thing either as airports are canceling flights like crazy!