Monday, May 12, 2008

May Bead Journal Project

May's Bead Journal is in loving memory of Audrey Sunburn. Audrey was a generous and loving beader whose heart was as big as her smile. She made these little "cocoon babies" for a swap that our Buzzard (Bitchen Biker Turkey Buzzard Beadin' Babes) group was doing several years ago. I thought that she would love them in the piece. Also is a shell and a piece of coral - Audrey loved the sea and I though she would approve of these. I used a different fabric base this month - this is EazyFelt (sp) from the craft store. It comes in large sheets and some wonderful colours.

It wasn't my intention to do two months in a row as memorial pieces for Jim and Audrey, but life does things to us. I was going to use this piece for May. It's a sampler of different bead stitches that I have learned from a variety of places. Over the weekend, my good friend Joan and I were looking at the pieces and I told her that I wasn't going to be able to use this because it's now number 13. She just chuckled and said it's for me - it's your Baker's Dozen. Joan's last name is Baker.

So, the over achiever that I am - I have 13 pieces - my baker's dozen.


abeadlady said...

I love the pages. Both of them. Of course you had to do the memory pages. Your whole series is delightful. You are signing up for next year, aren't you?


Robin said...

I think Audrey is smiling a big Buzzard smile, where ever she is. More than that, she's part of your life and part of your year in such a loving way. It is definitely one of my favorites of your Baker's Doz. Robin

Mary Timme said...

Life does do things to us. And how we act when it does is who we become. I love the idea of the baker's dozen. Why not. Next year I'm doing smaller and I think the theme is, "The Eyes Have It" with different wild animals eyes; prey animals and those that prey on them. It will take a lot of getting into the souls of each animal to make them alive. I'm looking forward to it.

KV said...

Both of these pages are treasures, Liz!

Kathy V in NM

coral-seas said...

Congratulations on completing your journey - seems like you have achieved more than you set out to do.

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful tribute and the 13th page could also be used as the cover page for your journal!

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp

Cathy W said...

Liz, your pages are simply wonderful -- looking forward to seeing the rest -- hope you have them all on the group BJP 2007 website.