Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Joe's Spirit Doll

Joe is a co-worker of mine at the hospital. He and his wife are in the process of trying to adopt a baby from Vietnam. This is a picture of the spirit doll (a class that I took years ago from Robin Atkins through the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild) that I have made for them - with all sorts of Eastern good luck charms on it. The vines represent a "growing" family.

Joe, I hope that the adoption is successful. You are a great guy.


LJeanCreations said...

Great work on the Spirit Doll!!

freebird said...

Great doll. And hopefully, a child will find a family to love by getting to join your friend and his wife. That was a very nice thing for you to do for them. I'm sure they'll treasure it.

Robin said...

Fabulous doll! Wish the timing had been different... would have loved to put a picture of her in my book. She has a lot of joy and a lot of power.. I'm sure the adoption will be successful! Robin