Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do I dare????


Denise said...

Oh yes you do!!!!! Oh and I can't wait!!! What a great project and I watch with glee!
Now the details, size, colours, bead size? What fun.
Cheers, Denise

The bad Liz said...

Thanks Denise - I almost stopped and made it larger, but I think with 15s, I should manage most of the detail that I want to.

Sounds like you KNOW what it is

The Lone Beader said...

Cool! This is more along the lines of what I do. Is it that castle near Munich, and what are the dimensions of the piece??

Mary Timme said...

Oh, Yeah! You do. I'm sure of it. Ah, to bead just for the fun of it. I've not done that in awhile. I need to.

The bad Liz said...

Thanks all - it's going to be about 8x10 when completed. I figured that since I have it in counted cross stitch and crewel embroidery, I might as well try bead embroidery.

This is Neuschwainstein Castle, in Bavaria - south of Munchen.

I love this area of the world.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh my yes, do it~!