Sunday, November 25, 2007

Korean Dragon continues

My dragon from Korea is beginning to take shape. I'm happy with the pearls and orange on the forehead. I like the goldstone "horns" and the nose came out really great. The swoops in the background will be shades of green as seen in the picture below.

I'm currently working on the eyebrows and the eyes. I really LOVE the way that this piece is working out.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Korean Dragon

I am working on this also - it's a temple dragon taken from a photo that I took in Korea in 1999.

Have to blow..... own horn here. Here I am with my boot-leg photo (there was a "No Photography" sign) of four of my seven pieces in the Down River Council of the Arts (DCA) show. I took my husband to the show last weekend to see a large collection of Barb "Bent Needle" Davis - her beadwork is awesome! As soon as we have photos from the collection for the web page, I will post in the link. But here are four of my pictures - Lord Ganesha, Allah, Star of David and Om. I am very proud of the way that they look - like real art.

What next??

Not that I don't have about 4 projects going - ones that I actively work on, but I am thinking, thinking thinking.... I've been looking at pictures of my dog Molly. Molly is the amusing, lovable, entertaining dog and would be good to put in a bead embroidery piece. I have several pictures of Molly that would be good. Above is Molly and my niece, Isabel's feet. Below is Santa Molly - which would be cute, but I don't think that I can leave it out year round....

I'm certain that one of these days, the picture will just JUMP out at me, like Casie on the Rocks did.

Another another starfish

So now I have a little starfish with arms (or legs) about 2.5 inches long - that's better (and much quicker)! I did a row of purple beads up each leg (or arm), to give it a little more body. The center worked out exactly the same as the last one that I did - with using RAW, and a count of 5 beads. I still don't know what stitch that would be. It's not exactly RAW, and it's not chevron, but something between them. I don't know - Liz's stitch?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another starfish

I worked on this most of the week. I still used the chopsticks for the legs and they are slightly shorter, but I adapted the middle and it worked much nicer. Now, to write up the directions. Yikes! That's the hard part for me......I am not a technical writer. I used RAW in the middle, but actually used it with a group of five beads, instead of four. Is that still RAW?

September refinished.....

I didn't give up, I did it again with slightly different colors. That was only because with the mess on my desk, I couldn't find the ones that I used the first time. I left the bit that Chloe didn't eat, because that's now the history of the piece. It's cute. I decided to leave the piece the way that the dog left it, with the roving pulled out a little.
It's taught me to put my beading away - in a box or drawer.