Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bead Embroidery has taken over my life!

Over the years, I have done many bead embroidered pieces.  Small postage stamp sizes for "bead quilts" that have been donated to raise money for charity to larger pieces that I have been fortunate enough to sell.

two Ganesha figures that are now owned by doctors that I work with (thanks guys), 

 a picture of my beloved Casie who passed to the big dog biscuit heaven in the sky.
 I have been inspired by pictures that I took on my travels - which is where this temple guardian came from - a temple from Soraksan, South Korea
 From my three years living in Germany and visiting Neuschwanstein Castle many times

 From Robin Atkins and the annual "Bead Journal" project
 African beads made from old record albums - yes, I do need to finish this one.  I bet that many persons don't realize that record albums used to come in different colors.  That's something I do remember.
 Meeting up with fellow bead embroidery artist, Dot Lewellen, in a bar in Milwaukee (we are such pick ups, I know!)
I have completed two tiaras (and an outline for how I did them is in process)
And my newest piece that was to be a necklace.  Until yesterday when something hit me.  And I love what it's turning into.

Stay tuned to this bead station, this bat channel


Kate Boyan said...

Hi, I love all your examples of bead embroidery.
In my own life I'm asked to do a lot of butterflies and am always glad when I can do some different subject matter. Really, really great stuff!!! Kate

Just Beady Jules said...

Bad Liz, I wanna be you when I grow up (in bead embroidery) I'm so much a novice....I bow to you Queen Bad Liz...your work is exceptional...<3

flyingbeader said...


Angela said...

Love love love what you shared!!! :D Can't wait to hang with you next month in class!

Glorious Beads said...

Especially glad to see your beautiful Ganesha again, and all the other bead embroidery. I am totally envious of your precision work - a joy to view!! Jeanne Evans

zarah nitsa said...

Its really innovative and unique collection about beads.I just like the your collections.
Thank you for sharing this valuable tips.