Thursday, July 03, 2014

Bead & Button 2014 - Part 2

I won’t be hushed, I won’t be shushed.
But what I say I saw I saw.
I know my rights, I know the law!

I love it when I walk through the hotel corridors and see people that I have met through the years due to assisting Marcia – and they seem happy to see me.  I invaded breakfast one morning with Nancy and Mary – both from Chicago.   Mary even signed up for one of my classes – Princess Maya.

Later that evening there was a small gathering of mostly seed bead instructors, which was a huge blast.  We laughed and cried, shared secrets and lies; and told stories.  For me it was one of the highlights of the week.  Shout out to Jayshree Paramesh who brought henna “paint” for us!  So cool!

Saturday evening was the coveted TOHO party where I was Marcia’s guest.  It’s held at the Intercontinental Hotel, just a short walk away.  It’s a very nice event, with nice goodie bags.  What a nice group of people are at this event.

And Julie (you know who you are) wants the down and dirty gossip from Bead and Button – let’s see:  

·        I was called into the principal’s office
·        I called someone a bad name
·        I called someone else a bad name
·        I ate roasted garlic the night before a class.  No one complained (they could be all dead, though)
·        I swore in Arabic and Ming (from California) tried to teach me bad words in Chinese
·         I introduced myself to someone who I am FB friends with and he looked at me like I was from another planet and had no clue who I was (okay, lets me know that he doesn’t read my FB posts cause I do look like my pictures)
·        I was introduced to the same woman for about the 6th time and I still don’t think she knows who I am (I have given up saying that we have met before)
·        I (along with two other beaders who I was chatting with) witnessed a woman tripping over the power cord taped to the floor of the second floor convention center to turn on one light bulb in a display (she went down hard). Fortunately one of the women I was with is a nurse and took control until security showed up. 
·        Even better?  Security tripped over the same cord!!  We made certain she was okay, filled out my witness report (including the fact that the guard tripped on the same cord).  The next day, the cord was GONE.

All of my classes went extremely well, my students were great, took my sense of humor with a grain of salt.  Projects went well with only a few little hiccups in the instructions.And then it was over.  I can’t wait for next year!

This might be the best picture from the show!


Amy B. said...

You got my best side…. Twice ;)

Just Beady Jules said...

Now see, that's what I'm talkin about..the juicy stuff...the stuff reporters write about.....all that name calling and people trippin..and and those darn goodie bags...I just knew there was somethin good in em...I knew it wasn't all Holy Water and Roses..(that's what the nuns use to say). Not when BAD LIZ is in the house....(you must keep up your reputation darling)...LOL...

Marcia DeCoster said...

I never lied! But I did kiss and tell!

Nancy said...

You didn't invade breAkfast...we were HAPPY TO SHARE WITH YOU, we love Bad Liz!

The bad Liz said...

Thanks Nancy. It was nice to just sit and chat.