Friday, June 28, 2013

“To Write or Not to Write; that is the Question”

Over the years, many friends (FB and real) have asked me why I don’t write a book.  I have been thinking about this for some time, and it’s been in the back of my mind, with notes and ideas brewing.   Carol Dean Sharpe just posted on FB that she is declining to write a book of her projects and why she declined; with some very valid reasons.  But with all I have seen and heard from many people over the years, I don’t know if I am ready or willing to do this.

My other thought has been to open an “Etsy” store and sell individual patterns (such as Carol Dean does).  I could write patterns with a logo that would be my “book title”, all would have the same look (which has yet to be developed) and feel.

With CD’s comment that she makes “x” dollars a pattern, and a book of $20 would be less than her “x” dollar amount really made me stand up and take notice.  Selling a book and earning less than what I conceivably could earn individually isn't a responsible decision.  I don’t need to shortchange myself in the potential wallet when it seems that everyone is writing beading books.  We do have a beading book plethora (and while many of the books are wonderful and now live at my house, a few shouldn't have bothered).  While it would be fun to envision my name in print on a book – it doesn't change who I am, what I bead and what I design.

With this decision, I need to now look at drawing/design programs, learn the software and continue to write patterns as I move forward.  I know it will be a big learning curve – I wonder if my hospital has access to any software I can use?

Now that I have addressed this in my head, talked with a Kalmbach book editor, and discussed with friends who have given me good and sensible advice (without even realizing that they were giving me advice), I am comfortable with my decision.

I just need to start writing and publishing my patterns, design a look that I like, submit patterns to the magazines, learn a computer program to help draw my images, and as stated in the Nike advertisements – “Just Do It”

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