Saturday, November 12, 2011

What's up in the world of Liz??

At Bead and Button, a group of beaders thought it might be fun to have a hat/hair accessory beaded contest and guess who won first place with this littl number??
Dot Lewallen and I compare our beaded handbags.
Excitment at Bead and Button sitting with "rock star" bead artists - Huib Petersen, Beverly Ash Gilbert, June Huber, Sherry Serafini, Amy Katz and myself signing copies of Beading Across America.
This is pulled from the Bead and Button Show facebook page - it shows
Denise Gillitzer Uttke and I talking about, what else, beads!
Bead Cruise 2011 - relaxing on the beach in Jamaica - ahhhh, lobster red tonight. And that was me, not the entree...
This necklace started out as a hat accessory and ended up a really pretty necklace.
Fatima's Fantasy
I submitted this to Bead and Button this year to teach. Now that I know it wasn't accepted, it will be sent to the magazines to see if they might be interested. If they aren't, well, I can always sell the pattern and teach it local. There are lots of opportunities in the bead world!
Bead Embroidered purse - made in the USA in 2011. It might be my favorite.


Carol said...

Been missing your posts here! You sure rub elbows with the best! The purse is perfection too!

The bad Liz said...

Thanks for the gentle push Carol - I think about posting something one the blog and it just ends up on Facebook. It's hard to do both. I will attempt to do better.