Friday, October 07, 2011


Marcia posted recently about collections. While we all have a bead collection, I was thinking about other collections that I have: certainly I have a moose plethora (how many times came you really use that word plethora?) - so much that I have told friends and family that the moose collection is officially closed. But they still keep coming! Here are a few!
The first picture shows three moose tiles that I have been gifted over the years. They hang in the hallway of my home.
My "Welcome" Moose lives just inside the front door.

My Moose planter was a gift from fellow beader and traveler, Rosanne Garvison.  Thank you Rosanne as this moose hangs out in the dining room

Little Moose cookie cutter hangs under a cabinet in the kitchen while the cutting board moose below sits on top of a door frame.

Mr. Styling Moose was a gift from my beading buddy Sandy,
 who gifted him to me a couple of years ago.

Below is a shelf in my studio with:  glass moose bought on my Alaskan cruise in 2009, a toy moose from my friend Deb, a stuffed moose from Alaska, moose patch also from Alaska and a tiny jointed moose which was a gift from a co-worker many years ago.

Gracing the walls of my bedroom are a series of moose greeting cards that have been framed nicely

What's in your collection!?


Judith said...

cookbooks and old returnable tin pie plates, to name just 2 collections.

Carol said...

I LOVE moose!! Getting them out is just one more good thing about Christmas Decorations. I same my moose for that.

I also collect items for my yearly Christmas Village display.

I used to collect several things but stopped when I realized someone was going to have dispose of it all when I'm gone.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Salt and pepper are in my collection and I passed up a reindeer set in Holland, darn it all....