Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bead and Button Show Update

Bead and Button is always a whirlwind of excitement and this year was no different. I took the train, which I love, always restful and relaxing. I leave Dearborn, Michigan at 7:11 and get off the train in Milwaukee at 2:30 or so (actually 3:30 Dearborn time), and with a short walk to the Hilton Hotel - I am at my resting place for the next week.
Milwaukee - AKA Bead Town

This year was a little different for me - I was actually co-teaching a class with Marcia DeCoster (imagine - me!!), not just being the assistant....nervous? A little, but once the class started, I felt just as if I was teaching at Stony Creek Beads! Our class was "Under the Mast II" - which took Marcia's popular "Under the Mast" class and added dangling rivoli's to it.Under the Mast II

Also different was that many of my friends from the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild were going to be attending: Kate, Sue, Sharon, Cynthia, Michelle, Gail and many more - it was like a board meeting in Milwaukee! Several of my friends also roomed together so visiting them in the Hyatt was like summer camp with GOOD beads. I also ran into several of my Facebook friends - Gwen, Dot (Dot and I met in a bar with our bead embroidered purses)Picture of Dot and Liz taken by Stacy Creamer/Picture of Gwen and Liz taken by ???I don't remember

This year, with Marcia's name and mine as instructors, we had two tables for the "Meet the Teachers" event. With a great display and her two "Marc-ettes" (Pat and myself), we have a nice evening of talking with former students (Denise found me to talk about my "Indiscret" necklace and other necklaces and then we found our picture on the Bead and Button show Facebook page - OMG!) and hopefully future students.
taken by LizFrom the B&B Show Facebook page
Preparing for next year? If I save enough money - I would love to to this! Master class with Sherry Serafini That would be such a thrill to learn more from her! Let's see, time from work shouldn't be a problem, just need to start saving! I know, I know - I can do bead embroidery, but I believe that I could take it to the next level if I am exposed to Sherry for that lenght of time!

Here is an assortment of other pictures from the week. It truely is a thrill to have had a small part in this experience.

Petra and Liz pose for a picture! Thank you!

I won the first annual B&B Show hat contest for my

"Bad Ass Bird" hat (named by Nikia Angel of Buy the Kit)

This picture was taken so that my friends in the Hyatt knew that I returned safely to

the Hilton. Of course, I had to stop in for a beverage before calling it a night

The ever stylish and talented, Marcia DeCoster, takes my picture while I take hers

Jill Wiseman and I have a "walk-by" in the hall between the convention center and the Hyatt

and discover that we have AWESOME taste in shoes!

Martina, Sandy, Sabine, and Petra in the Hyatt "Gathering Place"

Cyn Bicker's wonderful Zentangled lamp - love it!

Benjamin Bunny and Little Hoot hang out together during classes

And finally, my stash that came home with me! Can you say that I have a little bit of a crystal fetish? I love them. This year, I found crystal chain for $2 a foot. I found crystal clay and crystals to put in in (picture an altoids container covered!). I bought some of the new Tulip needles that are supposed to be wonderful - I haven't tried them out yet.

And the one thing that I found in Milwaukee that is the best? Friends!

Marcia, Tracy, Janice, Martina, Dot, Anna, Gail, Sabine, Petra and everyone else who made this a wonderful week.

(p.s. I could have been happy to leave the bronchitis in Milwaukee, but if someone had to catch it, I am glad that it was me!


flyingbeader said...

It was FUN, wasn't it! And I'm so glad that we finally got to met face to face, purse to purse, shoe to shoe! Liz didn't mention that she had to loan me her reading glasses when I left mine over at the hotel & it was rainy and ickie & I didn't want to "melt". Wish we had more time, but we only live 4 hours away. See you around, kiddo.

Daniela said...

Oh Liz: looks like you had so much fun!!!! I love following your blog! It's always a pleasure to read your beading stories! I love them! Lots of greetings from Germany, Daniela