Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I am one lucky lady....

When I think about how lucky I am, it's quite amazing:

I signed up to take a class from Marcia DeCoster several years back and end up helping her at the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee every year. When instructors come to the Great Lakes guild, we assign a classroom assistant to help with little things - tally sales, keep watchful eyes on the samples, etc. When the original classroom assistant couldn't do it, I was asked to fill in. The rest is history. This little thing has really escalated nicely.

Through my association with Marcia, I have been in contact with some of the most talented men and women in the beading community. It's been awesome and I can't begin to tell you (Marcia) how grateful I am to have you as one of my friends (my real friend). Also through this, I am doing my first gig as co-teacher in a B&B class in June. Seeing my name and bio on the B&B web page was completely mind-blowing. And Marcia will tell you that I was stunned into silence when she told me. This is a wild ride, my friends.

A couple of other beaders around the country recommend me to the editors of Kalmbach's new book "Beading Across America" and the next thing that I know, I am representing Michigan in the book. Me. Me? I still am amazed that I am going to be in this publication with many of what I call the Rock Star Bead Artists.

I started volunteering for the Great Lakes Guild and now I am the "web-mistress" (you have to put that cracking a whip sound in your head when you say web-mistress - it just sounds more exciting) for the guild. I get to work with and hang out with some amazing talent in the guild.

Through my association with the GLBG, I have gotten to know the owner of Stony Creek Bead and Gallery in Ypsilanti, MI. I have been teaching there for most of this year and it's been great fun. Having to come up with ideas and transferring these ideas from my head and hand written scribbles to professional looking patterns have been very educational. I especially enjoy it when Jenn or Sue challenge me by handing me something and telling me to go for it!

I am also lucky to have a very understanding and supportive (and cute) husband who doesn't mind beads all over the house, doesn't mind the crazy bead ladies who invade once a month or so, and has learned that Bead Cruises aren't just for the women!!

Finally, I am lucky to have met many of my computer, yahoo group and facebook friends in real life through all of the above and able to have a wonderful, strong and sensible group of friends who aren't afraid to tell me what's what.

Thank you all. I am really lucky.


Anonymous said...

Liz, you're not just lucky...you're very gifted and talented.

Christine's Beadworks said...

Your talent, humor and giving nature are what got you here, luck played only a minor role. Congratulations!

Bead Camel said...

Liz, it has been a kick watching you develop and spread your wings. I was in awe when I first saw your bead embroidery. Now, everyone can be in awe. Luck? Maybe a little. More likely it has to do with talent, a sense of design and color usage, and the grit to finish what you start.

Way to go!

Kat BM said...

nothing you don't deserve OR worked for Liz!!!

jollygems said...

wonderful work