Friday, March 26, 2010

African Record

Recently I won some really cool sequins from Judith at BeadLine - I love them. I started this record the other day and it's progressed really nicely. There are some cupped sequins that were pretty dirty in this bunch, but a little water and a q-tip - viola! Clean.

I won't have enough to fill the entire space, which is fine as I have a plan (you know, one of those things that comes to you with the lightbulb over the head? Yes, it was one of those moments). I am going to finish the rest of the record with size 11 seed beads in black, alternating rows of matte black and shiny black; like the grooves of a record. Brilliant if I must say so myself.

Judith - was this what you pictured when you selected me?


Eva Maria Keiser said...

Most unique design!

Judith said...

Oh my, what a "Liz Piece"! That is so beyond what I "saw" when you described what you'd do with them. What fun.

Kat BM said...

wow, it looks like it's made of tiny little records, makes me think of those art prints art made up of tiny little pics of the same thing! very kewl Liz!