Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Progress...but not in beading

I am doing the Happy Dance in Detroit (it's like the Electric Slide, but without all the people watching)!! My blood pressure is down from 160/90 in August to 121/71 in October - which made me very happy. My change? I switched from diet Mountain Dew to Caffeine Free diet Mountain Dew (I have to say I am sorry to everyone who I have laughed at over the years for drinking the Caffein Free diet Mountain Dew) and I have cut out about 1 mug of coffee a day.

The rest of my numbers are getting in the right direction, and since the start of Weight Watchers (yeah, again), my next fasting blood numbers should be even better. My LDL (good cholesterol) is acceptable (do you think its the cup of Cheerios almost every morning or is that a coincidence?), blood sugar acceptable, and I have lost 10 pounds since January 9th.

Ten pounds lost, only ten more pounds - about 9 times. Progress is slow, but heading in the right direction.

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abeadlady said...

You go, girl! Sounds like you are making some real progress.