Monday, October 12, 2009

Liz and Denise go to the Beach

I joined a Collaboration Project with Glass Act (Southeastern Michigan Glass Beadmakers Guild) and the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild. The theme, being that this is Michigan, "Water All Around Us." I was paired up with a wonderful bead artist, Denise Billups-Walker. We met at Bead and Button in Milwaukee in June and played some ideas off each other. Denise ran with the ideas and created these wonderful glass bathing beauties and other wonderful pieces (above are some of the little cuties - little flip-flops, clam shells, starfish, fish, palm tree and lighthouse - and bathing beauty below!).

I turned in my piece on Sunday, at the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild Fall Bead Bonanza, and while I was happy with the piece, I was pleased to see that others loved it also. So here is the first peak of "Liz and Denise go to the Beach" which will displayed at the Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale, MI from November 1 to 30th. Opening night reception and announcement of awards is on November 13. See you there!

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abeadlady said...

Great necklace, Liz! the two of you really captured the flavor.