Sunday, June 14, 2009

Religious Icons - Part 5

I just added the final stitches just a couple of minutes ago.
With this cross, I have beaded a total of five religious icons.
I entered this into a gallery show later this summer and
needed to finish it.
There's one thing off my to-do list from yesterday!


GraceBeading said...


coral-seas said...

Very nice. I am especially liking the background. Such a calming colour.

Mary Timme said...

Well I love it, Liz! It is so well done and beautiful!!!!!!! Win first prize!!!!!

abeadlady said...

Simply gorgeous! Do we get to see pics of the others?

The bad Liz said...

Arline - click on the link in the post, where it says "religious icons" - it will take you to that post.