Monday, February 25, 2008

Bead Daze Classes in Michigan

As a member of the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild, I have the opportunity to work with some phenomenal bead artists such as Dallas Lovett, Rachel Nelson-Smith, Huib Petersen, Marcia DeCoster and Stephanie Eddy. The Guild just sponsored 4 days of intense beading classes for its members.

I volunteered to be classroom monitor (classroom 'ho, classroom angel, classroom assistant will all work) for Marcia DeCoster. I worked with her last year and learned so much from her, that I was very excited to have this chance again.

I had my friends Sharon Hessoun and Maggie McCloud come up from Ohio to stay with me and take classes. We spend the evenings around the dining room table, talking, giggling and ..... well, you had to be there.

The guild members that I have had a chance to talk with all really seemed to enjoy all the classes that were offered. Linda and I chatted a bit this morning - I think that we will talk about them for a couple of months, especially as our projects are completed.
Being the over achiever that I am, I just finished my Etruscean Treasurenecklace, which is something that I normally wouldn't ever make or wear - it's very polished and proper - not something that the "Bad Liz" would have on. But it's gorgeous! I love it. Silver and purple - dainty, little peyote bands on the armature - so not my style. I'll edit a post and let you all know what my co-workers have to say when I wear it tomorrow. My only decision - cream or pale pink turtleneck?

Bead Daze is a week of classes that are so wonderful that I wish that I could have cloned myself to be in all the classrooms.

(The only downside of the whole week was that I had to report for jury duty on Thursday morning, but I wasn't wanted - the only time in life that you don't want to be wanted. I was in class by 12:30 p.m.!)

p.s. Vicki - thanks for the conversation hearts - they really are my favorites!!


capitolagirl said...

I subscribe to your blog through bloglines and had to pop by to say what a beautiful necklace that is! Great work :-)

Mary Timme said...

I love that you are able to take part in this and have friends come stay. Robin Atkins came to my house for part of her stay here when she was teaching and it was so much fun. What a beading boost!

The Lone Beader said...

I love that necklace. Very elegant! :D