Saturday, January 12, 2008

December Bead Journal Project

I am almost finished with December's Bead Journal page,
so I thought that I would post it.
I just need to complete the black picot edging.
Knowing, me, I will continue with the peyote bands
until the fabric is just a hint of what's underneath.
My inspiration was from the bright green fabric
and the glow-in-dark face that my friend Audrey made
(I think it was Audrey) several years ago.
I plan on taking my January page
when we leave on January 19th.
This is a 5-night cruise of the Western Caribbean
with ports of call in the Grand Caymans and Jamaica.
I'm very excited as I haven't been to those
ports again.
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beadbabe49 said...

I love the freeform peyote here! Do you do the peyote first and then sew it to the background or are you adding to the peyote while it's lying flat on the cloth?

Mary Timme said...

I will fly along with or in your thoughts as you cruise. I got a bit sea sick going across the Queen of Charlotte Straits so I don't cruise, but I'll think of you and check your other blog.

KV said...

Freeform peyote is a big favorite of mine, too. This is lovely work, Liz. Happy cruising!

Kathy V in NM

The bad Liz said...

BeadBabe49 - I first sewed the face down, then tried to bezel it with peyote. Then I did the lines out, but they are free from the center to then ends. Then I just started doing the free form.

LJeanCreations said...

Oh are you going to be back for our Looatic meeting? ;-)

The bad Liz said...

Yes, LJ - I'll be back for the Friday meeting. See you all then!

Robin said...

This piece has amazing power... Perhaps you are afraid of that? Whether or not you do more peyote stitching and cover more of the background, this will still have a "hook" to it... reels me in and makes me want to know. I hope you'll keep it. (It's a journal project; it doesn't have to be perfect; it's ok if it is a little "green" for some reason...) Even if you replace it for the BJP, I hope you'll finish and keep this one, because I think there may be something in it that's very important to you.