Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Loomatics continue to meet in Michigan

A nice Friday evening in Dearborn Heights! The Loomatics study group of the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild continues another summer. In this picture are: Diane, Madeline, Sue, Linda, Sandy, Liz, Jeanette and Sharon. Once a month we meet for a nice evening of beading, socializing, man bashing, ghost stories, truths, lies and everything in between. Tamaya, who is also a member, was unable to attend this night - (but with a little baby - has a good excuse for missing the fun) and Deb was off probably photographing Rick Springfield!


Mary Timme said...

Do you do only loomweaving at your meetings? What a fun looking group.

Also I'm thinking carrots or waddles on a chicken or turkey for the pieces of orange and...

The bad Liz said...

Hi Mary, we actually have learned that we don't care for loom work what so ever. Actually, only Tamaya actually uses a loom any longer.

I was working on my orange pieces the other night, Sandy on a tubular herringbone, Diane on some holiday ornaments - you name it, we do it!