Friday, March 09, 2007

Getting ready to Cruise!!

Countdown to Bead Cruise!!
This is my countdown weekend to the cruise. I've made my plans for pick-up in Houston and a ride to Galveston (thanks to one of my ex-doctors who is now in Houston) on Sunday, March 25. Hubby and I will be in our little room in steerage (just kidding - it's perfectly acceptable!). Soon, I'll be taking classes (from great instructors like Sharilyn Miller, Rachel Nelson-Smith, Dona Anderson, Beverly Herman and Heather Powers) while on the Bead Cruise.

It will be nice to have skies and water like this:

And to put my feet in water like this:And not have weather like this:


No Easy Beads said...

I love the pictures of the snow!
I can't wait to walk in the water and play in sand. It is almost time!!

Mary Timme said...

How fun! I'll be tagging along silently and in spirit as I think that is how I'd enjoy a cruise the most, even a beading cruise. Have fun, fun, fun!

Heather Powers said...

can't wait to see you Liz!

*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

Have a good time, it sounds like so much fun!

Wah! You know it will probably snow here while you are gone (I'm MI too, in Ferndale)


The bad Liz said...

Thank you Melanie - I've met you at several of the Bead Bonanza's.

I hope it doesn't snow while we are gone! My first crocus is blooming......