Saturday, December 02, 2006

Religious Icons Part 2

Work on "Allah" has been progressing nicely. Thank you to Dr. AlQaisi for helping me with the placement and making certain it says what it should say. I am filling in the background at this time with a soft blue and tiny pearls. My next piece is going to be "Ohm" - Dr. Sunil Rao is helping me with this one. I would like rich, vibrant colours in this piece - like the colours I have seen in saris worn at events over the years. Rich reds and golds, I believe.

Looks like I have to place another order with Charlene Booth for more seed beads!

Both doctors are Chief Medical Residents where I work. The other two Chief Medical residents in the program are Drs. Cristina Segovia-Ramachandran and Joao Cavalcante. All have finished medical school and their internal medicine residency. They have passed their board certification exams and will be starting a Cardiology fellowship in July 2007. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them. Cristina is originally from Peru, Fadi from Jordan, Joao from Brasil and Sunil was raised in India.

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