2016 Workshops

Princess Maya Pendant

This is the  Princess Maya - Using right angle weave and similar techniques, small rivoli crystals will be captured with size 15/0 seed beads, arranged in a grid, and embellished with small crystals. A larger rivoli hangs gracefully from the bottom of this pendant.
Prerequisites:  Right Angle Weave - intermediate

Tzarina Pendant

The Tzarina Pendant - Using simple techniques and luxurious materials, bead embroidery, crystal cup chain, rivolis and pearls
combine in a royalty-inspired pendant.  Students will learn a unique twist on a bead embroidery with using cut-outs to create a beautiful, regal pendant.
Prerequisites: bead embroidery, peyote - intermediate

Chain of Office

The Chain of Office necklace as inspired by medieval chains to show their status and loyalty.

Prerequisites: Cubic Right Angle Weave (Students must have a good working knowledge of CRAW - this is not a beginner project and CRAW is not taught)

Jeanne d’Arc Pendant 

One description of Jeanne d’Arc was “…Woman and solder, saint and heretic, savior and leader…” - Full of contradictions and steady in her beliefs.  There is a little Jeanne d’Arc in all of us.  Wear this pendant proudly and remember who you are. 

Prerequisites: netting, right angle weave - intermediate

Kenilworth Castle Necklace

Since the 1100’s,  Kenilworth Castle has been a place of royalty, romance, and a bit of mystery.   Capture all of that and more in this stunning necklace.   Make this renaissance inspired necklace using crystals, pearls and seed beads using a netting stitch.
Prerequisites:  netting stitch - intermediate/advanced

The Princess Alexandra Tiara Necklace

This is what happens when an idea goes wrong.  I was trying to make another tiara (because I need three for some reason) and I just coudn't make this work.  So I turned it over and made it into a necklace.  Rows and rows of Cubic Right Angle Weave with size 11/0 and small crystals ensure that you will get noticed!

Prerequisites:  Cubic Right Angle Weave (Students must have a good working knowledge of CRAW - this is not a beginner project and CRAW is not taught)

Not to be confused with:

Get Crowned: The Tiara Workshop

Since I first wore my Tiara, I have been asked to teach it - and I have resisted.  But I am now offering "The Tiara" workshop.  Using crystal cup chain and seed beads, the construction of the Tiara is covered completely.

Prerequisites:  Bead Embroidery, Patience and Tenacity- intermediate

Medieval Squares Pendant

The name “Medieval Square” was inspired by photos of geometric tile work that I have seen in many castles and palaces throughout Europe.

Prerequisites:  Must have working knowledge of Cubic Right Angle Weave (basic CRAW instructions NOT included). Intermediate level bead experience

Tintern Abbey Pendant  

Established in 1131, Tintern Abbey is the oldest Cistercian abbey in Wales.  Almost 900 years later, Tintern Abbey is still a tourist destination.   Make a history inspired pendant using netting and right angle weave

Prerequisites:  Advanced Beginner to Intermediate beader

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